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The Towns

Main Race: Human

Other Races: Aasimar, Half-Elf, Half-Orc

Best Stats: Strength, Charisma, and Wisdom

Common Classes: Paladin, Bard, Sorcerer, Cleric

The society of Crownworth is defined by its laws and virtues. There is a huge pressure on people to achieve their goals through legal, moral means. The crime rate is low in Crownworth, and the culture and laws of the town really contribute to it. Crimes are punished heavily, and most civilians are inclined to report any suspicious activity that they see to the authorities. Religion and tradition also have an important position in the town. People are much more pious in this town, which has led to a huge concentration of clerics and paladins living in Crownworth.

Main Race: Elf

Other Races: Firbolg, Halfling, Kenku

Best Stats: Dexterity, Wisdom, Constitution

Common Classes: Ranger, Druid, Cleric, Monk

The people of Elerya live in peace with the forest that surround them. Everyone here values selflessness, and they are always willing to sacrifice their needs for the benefit of others or the environment. Animals are hunted, but with heavy moderation and guidance from the ruling body. You are expected to give more than you take from the forest. It is said that an old, ancient kind of magic seeps throughout the town, and that its inhabitants learn to grow a bond with the forest that can never be forgotten or broken.

Main Race: Halfling

Other Races: Dwarf, Human, Tabaxi

Best Stats: Dexterity, Charisma, Wisdom

Common Classes: Bard, Ranger, Rogue, Druid

Farris is a town where people are free to express themselves in any way. It’s a town that is just filled at the seams with artists. Maybe it’s the countryside air, or just the jovial nature of halflings that put everyone at ease, but Farris has always been a place where people are able to cultivate their art and expression. People are often lackadaisical, maybe to a fault. It is rare to see two people in a confrontation. The pleasant atmosphere keeps everyone amicable, though some might prefer the word flippant.

Main Race: Half-Orc

Other Races: Dragonborn, Dwarf, Human, Orc

Best Stats: Strength, Constitution, Wisdom

Common Classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin, Cleric

Gruungrad is said to make the toughest warriors in the land. It is a place of honor, and your honor is determined by who you have beaten in battle. The arena is the centerpiece of the town and drives the dreams and livelihood of almost everyone living in Gruungrad. Even people who are not directly involved in the fighting thrive off the arena. They might prepare weapons for the combatants. Maybe they sell food in the stands for spectators to enjoy. Or they might be clerics that help heal the fighters after the battle. It is clear that fighting is what drives the town to operate.

Main Race: Half-Elf

Other Races: Elf, Goliath, Human

Best Stats: Intelligence, Charisma, Constitution

Common Classes: Wizard, Warlock, Bard, Barbarian

Isperia is a school that specializes in the study of magic. It is a center of learning and the people who live in Isperia do a large amount of studious work. The largest and most extensive libraries in the land can be found in Isperia. The books that can be found in Isperia mostly concern themselves with the history and cosmology of the land, as well as the study of magic itself. People seek to understand the very laws that govern magic. It is a very orderly town as it is of peak importance not to disturb the work or study of the students and magic users that live there. Isperia is renowned for having been home to some of the greatest Wizards in the history of Avensuna.

Main Race: Tiefling

Other Races: Dwarf, Elf, Goblin

Best Stats: Charisma, Dexterity, Intelligence

Common Classes: Warlock, Rogue, Monk, Wizard

Mordai is a town shrouded in mystery. It is not publicly known where it is located or how to get there. It is a town spoken of only in whispers. The only reason people are aware of its existence is because its spy network is famous. Traveling merchants from Mordai do not sell wares or materials, but secrets and information. These merchants help ensure that the government of Mordai gets the goods they need for all of its plans.

Main Race: Gnome

Other Races: Dragonborn, Elf

Best Stats: Intelligence, Charisma, Wisdom

Common Classes: Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Druid

Nevoldo is a flying town. Truly the first of its kind. Nevoldo is a town obsessed with magic. But the people are less concerned with studying it, and more interested in applying magic in new and exciting ways. Instead of theorising what could happen and working based off that, the magic users of Nevoldo jump straight to just trying it out and observing the results. This had led to the invention of some truly fantastic spells that could only have happened in a place like this. However it also contributes to the highest magical accident rate in Avensuna. Creativity, practicality, and impulsiveness are what defines the people of Nevoldo.

Main Race: Dragonborn

Other Races: Kobold, Triton

Best Stats: Strength, Charisma, Dexterity

Common Classes: Paladin, Sorcerer, Rogue, Monk

Shurrann is a town that represents the pride of the dragonborn race. It is covered in monuments and murals depicting their many legends. The desert that surrounds in the town solidifies the idea of just how strong the dragonborn are. The dragonborn rule over the kobolds there through divine right. However the kobolds that live in the city despise their master, and look to change their lot in life.

Main Race: Dwarf

Other Races: Gnome, Tiefling

Best Stats: Strength, Intelligence, Constitution

Common Classes: Fighter, Wizard, Barbarian, Paladin

Voldhor is a town full of people pushing their craft. Forging and smithing are the most common endeavors, but inventors and craftsmen of all kinds prosper in Voldhor. People who are not willing to collaborate with others though are not welcome in Voldhor. The greatest innovations occur when great minds come together, and personal success and fortune has been supplanted with a focus on pushing the limits of what’s possible beyond everything else.

Main Race: Triton

Other Races: Dragonborn, Lizard

Best Stats: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity

Common Classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Rogue, Ranger

Zoroshi is a port town on an island just off the coast, and that aspect of it affects everything. It’s said that in Zoroshi you learn to swim before you can walk. Surely an exaggeration, but it captures just how closely tied to the sea the people of Zoroshi are. Common lines of work include fishing, sailing, cooking, and even pirating. The huge port has made Zoroshi one of the most well visited towns in the land. Ships travel all up the coast to import and export goods as need be. The people of Zoroshi have a free spirit and are naturally adventurous. They often take what they want, just for the fun of it.