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The Forest Town

You are overcome with the graceful serenity that surrounds you. You can hear the winds brushing against the trees of the forest. The smell of the pine needles and flowers that surround you help create a pleasant atmosphere. There aren’t too many people wandering around, but they walk calmly and talk lightly, as if they didn’t want to disturb anything around them. You see the wooden buildings that make up the town, but they slowly dissolve into the forest that surrounds it, and you cannot tell where the town ends and the trees begin.

The people of Elerya live in peace with the forest that surround them. Everyone here values selflessness, and they are always willing to sacrifice their needs for the benefit of others or the environment. Animals are hunted, but with heavy moderation and guidance from the ruling body. You are expected to give more than you take from the forest. It is said that an old, ancient kind of magic seeps throughout the town, and that its inhabitants learn to grow a bond with the forest that can never be forgotten or broken.


Main Race: Elf

Other Races: Firbolg, Halfling, Kenku

Government Type: Council by divine blessing

City Environment: Forest

Alignment: Chaotic

Best Stats: Dexterity, Wisdom, Constitution

Common Classes: Ranger, Druid, Cleric, Monk


Elerya was founded by elves. As one of the first races on Avensuna the elves just felt mysteriously drawn to the great forest that lied in the east. A well sized clearing awaited them at the end of their journey, and since then Elerya has been a place where all elves can partake in their love of nature. They nurtured the plants and animals that surrounded them, and in turn the forest protected Elerya from other threats. The elves in Elerya had found a perfect match.

It is said that the first firbolgs just came walking out from the trees straight into Elerya. They came baring gifts of fruits and herbs for the inhabitants of Elerya. It is not known where they came from before then. Firbolgs have always been welcome, though they are a mysterious race. They tend to keep to themselves within the town, focusing more on caring for the forest. Firbolgs have always felt a huge connection to druid magic, and most powerful druids are firbolgs.

There is a sizable population of halflings in Elerya. Certain halflings don’t fit into the fast paced life of Farrs. Elerya has a serene quality that appeals to some halfings more. With the close proximity to Farris, it was natural for these halflings to slowly migrate to Elerya. There they could simply focus on living a simple lifestyle with respect to nature.

The kenku are a mysterious race. They are cursed and lack the ability to create anything. The circumstances of this curse are not well known. Out of all the populations in Elerya, they are the most isolationist. Halflings and elves together make up the bulk of the population inside the town, and firbolgs and elves together trek through the forest, protecting it. The kenku on the other hand stay in the shadows. They do not participate much with other races. Why they stick around Elerya is not clear. Perhaps it is out of necessity and not desire?

Origin Town Bonuses

Ability Scores: +1 Dexterity, Wisdom, or Constitution

Skills: Proficiency in the Animal Handling, Medicine, or Survival skill. 

Language: Elvish

One with Nature: You are proficient in the Nature skill.

Mark of the Wild: You know the Druidcraft cantrip.