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The Sky Town

You’re ears are filled with the sounds of bangs, fizzes, and whizzes as you walk the streets of Nevoldo. Magic fills the air with an energy that is unlike anywhere else. Sparks fly, explosions fill the sky, and you see people with skin colors that are not normal. The air is sweet for some strange reason, but it smells pleasant anyways. The buildings of Nevoldo have entrances that seem to go every which way, and you cannot ascertain the rhyme or reason as to how anything is organized. Looking past the town you can see how beautiful the sky looks, and you see the land of Avensuna from a bird eye’s view.

Nevoldo is a flying town. Truly the first of its kind. Nevoldo is a town obsessed with magic. But the people are less concerned with studying it, and more interested in applying magic in new and exciting ways. Instead of theorising what could happen and working based off that, the magic users of Nevoldo jump straight to just trying it out and observing the results. This had led to the invention of some truly fantastic spells that could only have happened in a place like this. However it also contributes to the highest magical accident rate in Avensuna. Creativity, practicality, and impulsiveness are what defines the people of Nevoldo.


Main Race: Gnome

Other Races: Dragonborn, Elf

Government Type: True Democracy

City Environment: Cloudy

Alignment: Chaotic

Best Stats: Intelligence, Charisma, Wisdom

Common Classes: Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Druid


Nevoldo was the result of an ambitious experiment performed by a group of gnomes from Voldhor. Did they set out to create a new town? The reasons why are lost to the sands of time, but gnomes are apt to do wild things just to see if they can. The group of gnomes had created a piece of land that was permanently suspended in the air with magic. It had apparently taken dozens of wizards casting spells for a week straight to make it happen. Such a feat had never been accomplished before. At first people wanted to visit the floating land mass just to marvel at the spectacle. Over time more people settled in to take advantage of all the tourists. Gnomes started to setup magic show, and magical curiosities on the land itself to add to the spectacular feeling of the city. The desire to fill someone else up with wonder and awe is what led the gnomes to develop the town of Nevoldo into the magical place it is today.

Elves have always been drawn to great sources of magic. The fact that Nevoldo was made by gnomes and not a natural phenomenon did not affect this. Curious elves went out to see the magic of the floating town for themselves. While most magically minded elves went to study magic at Isperia, Nevoldo offered a kind of freedom and creativity that was sorely missing from Isperia. Even eccentric druids made the trip to Nevoldo. They weren’t so much concerned with the nature of the old world. Instead these druids were more interested in the new kinds of animals being created and merged in Nevoldo. It was a new way of thinking for druidism.

Nevoldo hung just outside the desert that surrounded Shurrann. Dragonborn are not known for moving too far away from their homeland so Nevoldo was more favorable to them then Isperia. Dragonborn aspire to become extremely skilled at whatever they devote themselves to. For dragonborn interested in becoming master magic users it was only natural for them to move somewhere where that interest could be cultivated.

Origin Town Bonuses

Ability Scores: +1 Intelligence, Charisma, or Wisdom

Skills: Proficiency in the Arcana, Nature, or Investigation skill. 

Language: Gnomish

Mental Calluses: You have resistance to psychic damage. 

Magic Town: You know the Mage Hand cantrip.