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The Port Town

The sounds of waves can always be heard when you’re standing outside in Zoroshi. Even when you hear two pirates haggling over the price of some fish, the cries of gulls flying through the sky, and the loud commotion of the crowd that surrounds you, you still hear the waves crashing down. The salty sea air fills your nostrils, mixed in with the smell of freshly caught fish. The people hear live active and busy lives. Their toned bodies glisten with sweat as they rush off from one task to another.

Zoroshi is a port town on an island just off the coast, and that aspect of it affects everything. It’s said that in Zoroshi you learn to swim before you can walk. Surely an exaggeration, but it captures just how closely tied to the sea the people of Zoroshi are. Common lines of work include fishing, sailing, cooking, and even pirating. The huge port has made Zoroshi one of the most well visited towns in the land. Ships travel all up the coast to import and export goods as need be. The people of Zoroshi have a free spirit and are naturally adventurous. They often take what they want, just for the fun of it.


Main Race: Triton

Other Races: Dragonborn, Lizard

Government Type: Alliance of Strongest Captains

City Environment: Island

Alignment: Chaotic

Best Stats: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity

Common Classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Rogue, Ranger


The tritons landed on the island before any other race had the capability of extensive travel by sea. With uncontested land and the natural defense of the sea the tritons were able to develop their settlement in peace. The tritons are a people of the sea, and their town reflected that. They spent a large amount of the efforts into building better and faster ships. This primed them to be of great use to other towns across the land. The tritons on Zoroshi became the fastest method of travel for people and cargo. It’s something that will probably never be surpassed.

Lizardfolk are an aquatic race that fit right into Zoroshi. They need to live close by sea and what better place to live than on an island. The free spirited nature of Zoroshi fits the cold, emotionless nature of lizardfolk. In Zoroshi your personal goals can be pursued without laws restricting you as they would in other towns. The ruling parties of Zoroshi keep a very loose grip on enforcement. Lizardfolk are often labeled as others as pirates, but they only see the world to be a place where only the fittest survive.

Shurrann has the second biggest port in Avensuna, and the trade routes between Shurrann and Zoroshi have always been extremely busy. Over time Dragonborn started to move from Shurrann to Zoroshi to help manage trade between the towns. With so much travel between them dragonborn found it very easy to integrate. Some dragonborn enjoyed the opportunity to live away from the harsh desert and stuffy town of Shurrann.

Origin Town Bonus

Ability Scores: +1 Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution

Skills: Proficiency in the Athletics, Acrobatics, or Persuation skill. 

Language: Primordial

Maritime Equipment Training: You are proficient with spears, tridents, nets, water vehicles, and one tool, choosing from carpenter, cartographer, navigator, weaver, or woodcutter’s tools (your choice).

Swimmer: Your swimming speed is equal to your walking speed, and you have no difficulty swimming in rough waters.