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The Forge Town

Echoes of hammers and tools fill the huge caverns of Voldhor. Dark stone fills the view, and you see people always in a rush to whatever destination they are en route to. You do not hear conversations of the weather or the meals that have been had that day. People’s discussions are quick and to the point. An energy fills the town. Forges can be found everywhere and the smell of molten metal and stone wafts into your nose down every turn.

Voldhor is a town full of people pushing their craft. Forging and smithing are the most common endeavors, but inventors and craftsmen of all kinds prosper in Voldhor. People who are not willing to collaborate with others though are not welcome in Voldhor. The greatest innovations occur when great minds come together, and personal success and fortune has been supplanted with a focus on pushing the limits of what’s possible beyond everything else.


Main Race: Dwarf

Other Races: Gnome, Tiefling

Government Type: Hereditary Council

City Environment: Mountain

Alignment: Lawful

Best Stats: Strength, Intelligence, Constitution

Common Classes: Fighter, Wizard, Barbarian, Paladin


Dwarves are one of the oldest races in the realm. Dwarven groups have always had an affinity with mountains, and the first dwarves of Avensuna found a habitable mountain and settled in. In such a remote place dwarves did not have to spend a lot of time fending off enemies. Instead the dwarves focused on themselves and their growth, and set out to put the resources of the mountain to good use. Voldhor beings at the foot of a mountain where it meets the open plain, but it stretches on deep into the mountain. Dwarves have always felt at home in a mountain, working on their latest creation in their forge.

Gnomes slotted in well with the dwarves in Voldhor. Instead of starting their own settlement, the first gnomes of Avensuna found themselves getting along well with the dwarves of Voldhor. Before the arrival of the gnomes the dwarven smiths of Voldhor focused primarily on the manipulation of molten metal when creating weapons. With the magical ingenuity of the gnomes the ceiling for wondrous weapons had been extended. Nowadays it would be unthinkable for Voldhor to not have any magic or enchanted weapons, but this reputation could have only come about with the contribution of the gnomes.

The tiefling population in Voldhor is composed of tieflings that are not content to live in Mordai. These migrants keep a tight lip on the exact reasons why however. The dwarves and gnomes do not hold prejudices against tieflings, as the people who live in Voldhor are only concerned with the knowledge and skill of artisans. These skilled tiefling crafters are happy to work in a place where the negative reputation of Mordai does not affect their relationships with clients and colleagues.

Origin Town Bonuses

Ability Scores: +1 Strength, Intelligence, or Constitution

Skills: Proficiency in the Arcana, History, or Athletic skill.

Language: Dwarvish

Tool Proficiency: You gain proficiency with smith’s tools. You have double proficiency bonus when using them.

Gift of the Forge: You can use the Identify spell, but only as a ritual, and only on objects and items.