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The University Town

Snow covers the ground and roofs of the building around you. You rarely see people oustide and when you do they are quickly hurrying from one building to the next. It’s a very quiet town, with only the sound of the wind to fill your ears. You can see through the windows of buildings that people are always studying and have their nose in a book. As you enter a building the smell of old paper fills your noses.

Isperia is a school that specializes in the study of magic. It is a center of learning and the people who live in Isperia do a large amount of studious work. The largest and most extensive libraries in the land can be found in Isperia. The books that can be found in Isperia mostly concern themselves with the history and cosmology of the land, as well as the study of magic itself. People seek to understand the very laws that govern magic. It is a very orderly town as it is of peak importance not to disturb the work or study of the students and magic users that live there. Isperia is renowned for having been home to some of the greatest Wizards in the history of Avensuna.


Main Race: Half-Elf

Other Races: Elf, Goliath, Human

Government Type: Elected Bureaucracy 

City Environment: Snow

Alignment: Lawful

Best Stats: Intelligence, Charisma, Constitution

Common Classes: Wizard, Warlock, Bard, Barbarian


Isperia was founded by the combined efforts of elves and humans. Together they set out on an expedition to the cold northern region of Avensuna. What brought these two races together? An unnatural phenomenon was rumored to have been taking place in the area. A party of humans from Crownworth and a party of elves from Elerya traveled together to explore the phenomena. Humans had the resources and experience when it came to traveling that the more isolated elves did not have. And the elves generally had a greater affinity for the magical and metaphysical aspects of the lands that the pragmatic humans had more difficulty grasping. It was only together that they could discover this new land. They established a small camp to do research the phenomena. Over time scholars from across the land joined them and the type of research being conducted grew and expanded into the university that stands there now.

Half-elves were born from such a heavy presence of humans and elves living in the same place. Never before had a large population of both occupied the same settlement. Half-elves arouse naturally over time, and they now make up the largest population in Isperia. Generations of half-elves have caused the line to be blurred between elves and humans.

The goliath are a race of proud warriors, so it might be unusual to see them inhabiting the same town that boasts the mightiest wizards. However the goliath lived in the icy mountains before Isperia was ever founded. They used to live in small clans, scattered throughout the mountains. Over time the people of Isperia interacted more often with the goliath population that lived around them. The goliaths offered them food and techniques on how to survive in the face of such a cold climate. In return the people of Isperia gave them more advanced technology with which to do their hunting and living. While there are many goliaths who live inside the town itself, most of them still prefer to spend their time ranging the nearby icy mountains.

Origin Town Bonuses

Ability Scores: +1 Intelligence, Charisma, or Constitution

Skills: Proficiency in the Aracana, History, or Investigation skill.

Language: One language of your choice. 

Cold Acclimation: You have advantage on saving throws against effects that deal cold damage. You resist the environmental effects of extreme cold.

Wizard School: You know the Message cantrip.