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The Desert Town

The harsh desert heat can still be felt within the walls of Shurrann. Dragonborn are everywhere in this city, though you can also see kobold slaves performing menial tasks. You can hear the chants of priests at their temple, as they baptize young dragonborn. Occasionally you can hear a triton trader yelling prices of the different goods they just brought in by ship.

Shurrann is a town that represents the pride of the dragonborn race. It is covered in monuments and murals depicting their many legends. The desert that surrounds in the town solidifies the idea of just how strong the dragonborn are. The dragonborn rule over the kobolds there through divine right. However the kobolds that live in the city despise their master, and look to change their lot in life.


Main Race: Dragonborn

Other Races: Kobold, Triton

Government Type: Divine Monarchy

City Environment: Desert

Alignment: Lawful

Best Stats: Strength, Charisma, Dexterity

Common Classes: Paladin, Sorcerer, Rogue, Monk


Shurrann has always been a dragonborn settlement. With their tough scales dragonborn were able to withstand the intolerable heat of the desert. They discovered a huge river with fertile soil by the shore deep in the western coast of the desert. This valuable resource is what led to the foundation of Shurrann. The dragonborn conquered the nearby kobold tribes and subjugated them into a slave class. Magical items and artifacts would be found in the desert, further inflating the dragonborn sense of self worth. The draonborn in Shurrann are proud of their race and heritage. They have always sought to become skilled at anything they set their mind to.

Shurrann is the most common destination for trade ships leaving Zoroshi. Over time tritons have slowly settled into Shurrann and it has become a second home for them. Many inhabitants in Shurrann never leave the city due to the harsh desert. Trition merchants are their connection to goods and information from the outside world. Many tritons sympathize with the plight of the kobolds in Shurrann, but most are happy to just continue profiting off the trade with the dragonborn.

Origin Town Bonuses

Ability Scores: +1 Strength, Charisma, or Dexterity

Skills: Proficiency in the Intimidation, Performance, or Religion skill.

Language: Draconic

Heat Acclimation: You have advantage on saving throws against effects that deal fire damage. You resist the environmental effects of extreme heat.

Shifting Sands: You know the Move Earth cantrip.