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Monster Races

Goblins, Orcs, and Kobolds have been on Avensuna since the beginning. The other races of Avensuna refer to them as the monster races. For centuries they fought with the original races for dominance over Avensuna. Eventually the dragonborn, dwaves, elves, and humans were able to overpower the  goblins, orcs, and kobolds. The monster races are a shadow of their former selves. While they used to roam around  in raiding parties and armies, most of these monster races have become just another part of society. They have been fully integrated into the cities of Avensuna. However to say that is the end of conflict between the common races and the monster races would be incorrect. 

The other races of Avensuna generally look down on the monster races. They hold a huge amount of stereotypes and prejudices towards the monster races. Due to this, goblins, orcs, and kobolds do not generally have amicable relationships with other races. Their communities may be located in the same town, but the invisible lines between the monster races and other races clearly exist. 


Goblins are the most populous of the monster races. While they still are generally rare, it’s not too uncommon to see goblins out around the lands of Avensuna. Goblins established their own town, eventually known as Mordai, but their town was eventually taken over by Tieflings. The history of how this occurred is not known, and the political groups in charge of Mordai have done their best to remove any record of it. 

Goblins are now a working class in Mordai. They help serve the tieflings, dwarves, and elves that rule over Mordai. 


Orcs raged some of the fiercest battles with the original races. As such they faced way more resistance from the other races, and it took much longer for orcs to become integrated. Orcs were exiled to the deep southwest. Eventually they did establish their own settlement. It became an arena where the most talented warriors gained glory and fortune. Over time the reputation of this arena spread to Humans, who soon started participating in the arena themselves. With centuries of integration between humans and orcs  the population of orcs have become replaced by half-orcs.  Orcs are now the smallest of the monstrous races. The remnants of the culture of the orcs continue to slip away. 


Kobolds have always had a close relationship with the dragonborn. Perhaps it’s that both races closely resemble dragons. Or it could be that both of them have always occupied the same space. The dragonborn and kobolds have always hated each other, and fought for centuries. The dragonborn eventually were able to defeat and subjugate the kobolds. 

Kobolds are still around, but they are kept within the confines of the Shurran. They live on a slave class, in service to the dragonborn.