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The Gods


Light, Law, Justice, Truth

Sheriffs, judges, and seekers of justice abide by the values of Tyros. It is said that Tyros is the invisible force that leads to the capture of numerous criminals. The congress of Crownworth beings each session with a prayer to Tyros. People pray to Tyros when they have a conflict with their conscious. When the path of righteousness is not clear, Tyros will light the way. 


Craft, Invention, Knowledge, Ingenuity

People from varied walks of life honor Kothun in very different ways. From the scholars in Isperia to the smiths in Voldhor, they all are pursuing the will of Kothun. It is believed that Kothun gave all of the races curiosity, and the desire to learn. People turn to Kothun when they need that little nudge to finish their thought, or to create something new. 


Nature, Peace, Harmony, Sacrifice

Viridia rules over the domain of nature. The flora and fauna are a valuable part of the land, and those who seek to protect them walk in the grace of Viridia. Druids and forest rangers can traverse the forest with peace of mind, confident that Viridia will keep them safe. Especially pious people will say a prayer to Viridia before taking organic resources from the environment. 


Illusion, Darkness, Freedom, Change

Moheri wears many faces, as it suited to the god of illusion. Thieves and con artists mutter her name under their breath, and rebels will proclaim at as a war cry. Moheri is all about upending the status quo, and promoting change whether it is for the better or not. Moheri will guide any individuals whose lives are about to take a momentous turn. 


Storm, Sea, Courage, Force

Sailors and anyone else who travels by sea often is familiar with Raythor. In Zoroshi there’s a parable of a ship torn apart by a storm after having departed without performing the rites to Raythor. Any who seek safe passage across the sea will respect his power, or they risk facing his wrath. In moments of hesitation, Raythor will give people the spark of courage that they need. 


Life, Birth, Love, Vitality

People have a smile on their face when they feel the presence of Syralie. Doctors, artists, and farmers are all related to Syralie. She desires a celebration of life. Syralie also welcomes people when they pass on, as life is only precious because it ends. People reach out to Syralie when they need some warmth of positivity in their life. 


War, Competition, Honor, Ambition

At times of war the spirit of Akdos can be felt throughout the whole realm. Akdos is all about the individual, surpassing your limits and overcoming others. Savage warriors and sports competitors both ask for power to succeed in their endeavors. Even political officials who seek more influential positions will say a prayer to Akdos.