Angel Noa

Web Developer

I want to work with you to create a website that's a wonderful experience for you and for your clients.


I am a web designer located in Orlando, Florida. I started off my experience with an education at the University of Central Florida where I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Web Design. That is where I learned about web development and graphic design. Afterward I did some freelance work, and then landed a job which connected me to dozens of non profit charities. I have developed numerous sites over the years and have accumulated a lot of experience in working with different kinds of clients.

I've grown to really love creating a huge variety of sites. Sometimes it might just be a redesign of a site for a local business owner that could do with some freshening up. Other times I have to take data sources from different APIs and display them in a unique and exciting way. Some clients' needs are suited to the tools of a CMS like Wordpress. In either case I'm driven about what I do.

I always want to learn and grow more as a web designer. One of the most exciting things about new projects is the opportunity to discover more skills and methods. There are so many tools in web design that almost anything can be accomplished with hard work, time, and creativity. I always keep an open mind when it comes to what is possible on a site I am designing.


Web Design

Web Design

I can design a personal site for you or your whole business. I make sure to focus on individuality and quality so that your site can accomplish whatever you need.

Mobile Design


I can accomplish responsive design through frameworks or from scratch. All of my sites work on both desktop and mobile to cater to the widest audience.



I have worked with dozens of templates and plugins and have come to understand how to customize Wordpress tools to meet the needs of my clients.



BizCentralUSA Internal Store

I built extensive custom features for an internal store for BizCentralUSA using Wordpress, Woocommerce, and custom PHP.

RPG Class Quiz

This is a short personality quiz that I created using Javascript, and JSON.

Marvel Movie List Maker

This lets you organize your favorite marvel movies. I used Javascript and CSS to build it.

Wordpress Sites

I have built dozens of Wordpress sites for both non profit organizations and businesses. Take a look at some of the websites below.


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